#GAReads | Women, Own Your 'Dr.' Titles

photo credit:  Rochelle Nicole , via  Unsplash  (cropped)

photo credit: Rochelle Nicole, via Unsplash (cropped)

"Women, Own Your 'Dr.' Titles":

It had never occurred to me to add “Ph.D.” to my name on Twitter until I was slammed for mentioning that I had one.

In February, I was tweeting about the media’s different treatment of the private lives of male and female politicians when someone snarled back: “And you have evidence of this or are you just being a bitter old sexist?”

“Yes, I have written a Ph.D. on the subject,” I replied. “So it’s Doctor Bitter Old Sexist, mate.”

The response blew me backward. Not from those who got the joke, but from those who took offense at the fact that I said I had an advanced degree in history. One that took several years of solid slogging for little financial reward. Years marked by as much isolation and self-doubt as discovery and original research.

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