#GAReads | Women and Minorities In Tech, By the Numbers

photo credit:  Andrew Neel , via  Unsplash

photo credit: Andrew Neel, via Unsplash

"Women and Minorities In Tech, By the Numbers":

If you feel like you keep reading about diversity in tech, well, that’s because there is still not enough ... diversity in tech. The juggernauts of the first computing revolution like HP and IBM actually had reasonable gender diversity, and IBM had its first female VP back in 1943. But fast forward to 2014 and just 31 percent of Facebook’s employees are women. Same at Apple. The company has hired a new head of diversity and inclusion and says it’s on its way to changing this, and indeed, half of all the company’s hires from 2016-2017 were from minority groups.
Not a moment too soon. As this chart shows, white men dominate college computer science departments. By a lot.

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