#GAReads | Welcome to Diversity Debt: The Crisis That Could Sink Uber

"Welcome to Diversity Debt: The Crisis That Could Sink Uber":

How do companies incur diversity debt? Take a couple of cofounders and their cognitive biases, add a seed round where they’re faced with the existential imperative of finding product-market fit, and whirl in the velocity of needing to “just get things done” in a very short timeframe.

These frequently unexamined biases then get amplified in thousands of individual decisions around hiring, product, operations, compensation, communications, process, and more. If cofounders don’t prioritize the integration of inclusivity and diversity of ideas into their earliest decision-making processes, every decision they make from the very birth of their company worsens their liability, and time only makes the problem harder to solve. Wait long enough, and these problems become nearly insurmountable.

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