#GAReads | Vanity Fair hunts for an editor in a post-Weinstein world

by Mike Mozart [ CC BY 2.0 ],  via Flickr

by Mike Mozart [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

"Vanity Fair hunts for an editor in a post-Weinstein world":

The selection of a new Vanity Fair editor has become a prism through which to read a changing landscape. It is close on two months since Carter resigned from a 25-year tenure at Vanity Fair and still Conde Nast, a company known for shuffling one editor out and slotting another in with brutal efficiency, does not appear to be close to making a decision on his replacement.

“If publishing companies and media organizations are not thinking about these issues as they pick new top leaders then they’re making a significant mistake,” said David Folkenflik, media correspondent with National Public Radio in New York. “They need to think about how their cultures operate and to not be on autopilot looking for a fix for the razor-thin profit margins.”

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