#GAReads | Tackling The Gender Imbalance In News Media


"Tackling The Gender Imbalance In News Media":

LaFrance: "There are many systematic things that would push reporters toward male sources: there's enormous time pressure, and we live in a society where men outnumber women in many positions of leadership and reporters are often covering people in positions of power. At the same time, I believe it's important for women to be acknowledged and for their expertise to be out there. I assumed, or I hoped at least, that my work might reflect that value... and it didn't.

Fifty percent of the population is women and they are largely invisible. They are not acknowledged for their expertise, not acknowledged for their life experiences that could help us understand the complexities of the world. If our job as journalists is to help people understand the forces around us, largely ignoring women leaves out a gigantic part of the story."

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