#GAReads | Proposal for one-piece swimsuit emoji draws fierce blowback from male coders

two different bathing suit emoji

"Proposal for one-piece swimsuit emoji draws fierce blowback from male coders":

The Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit organization that oversees, among other things, the implementation of emojis on phones and social media, is considering adding a one-piece bathing suit emoji following calls from women who want a less sexualized alternative to the longstanding bikini emoji. Florie Hutchinson, a 38-year-old independent arts publicist, and former New York Times Reporter Jennifer 8. Lee, the founder of Emojination, which advocates for inclusive and representative emojis, officially submitted a proposal for a one-piece emoji featuring a design by artist Aphee Messer in April.

“I have nothing against bikinis. I have worn them. But not every woman or girl wants to wear one, and they should have the ability to make another choice,” explained Hutchinson in an interview with The New York Times. “I wanted my girls, when they got old enough to have their own smartphones, to be able to see both, side by side.”

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