#GAReads | Powerful Women Talk About Power (And Powerlessness)

photo credit:  Clarke Sanders , via  Unsplash

photo credit: Clarke Sanders, via Unsplash

Powerful Women Talk About Power (And Powerlessness)”:

Do I wish for women to be this entitled, this free to subject total strangers to their whims? I do, or at least I wish for a critical mass of women to behave like this in public so we purge the cultural stereotype. And then I hope that phase passes. Maybe this is my delusion of gender, but deep in my heart I believe it’s better to liberally use the second person. There must be a way to have power, and be communal, to take other people along. This phase of winner take all that we’re in now isn’t leading us anywhere good. In the best of all worlds, everyone — men and women — stop for a minute on their way to the party and help the guy staple.

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