#GAReads | Off The Record: How Studios Subliminally Silence Women

"Off The Record: How Studios Subliminally Silence Women":

Much has been written about sexism in the music industry, whether it is Grimes citing 'mansplaining' or Bjork discussing her work being credited to male collaborators. I could give plenty of examples of overt sexism I encounter on a daily basis. I could write about the times people have mansplained guitar amps to me, postulated that women are intrinsically less capable of grasping music theory, objectified me at work and then told me I should not have risked making my boss feel awkward by calling it out. I could tell you about the time I was working as a live sound engineer setting up for a gig when a piece of gear failed; a random guy walked over and said "hey, I have no experience in sound but I could try to figure out what is wrong if you want." Seriously?! Would anyone go up to a car mechanic at work and say this?

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