#GAReads | New data shows only 25% of speakers at tech events are women

a group of men and women in a meeting room, and one of the women is talking

New data shows only 25% of speakers at tech events are women”:

Last Saturday, I had an idea.

It was prompted by a problem that I often encounter when creating content for my company Quibb. Others content folks I know (i.e. event organizers, writers, panel moderators, podcast creators, etc.) industry regularly ask me about it as well…

How do we find more great women contributors and speakers?

As a startup founder, I’m a fan of small actions that yield big results. I’m all about leverage. So in thinking about potential solutions to the problem of low representation of women speakers at tech events, one fix seemed the most reasonable — a directory of women in tech who are interested in speaking at industry events.

To test out interest in this idea, I created a quick Google Form, and posted it to Twitter.

In the past 10 days, over 850 women have added their names, all interested in being listed in the directory and speaking at tech industry events. Some amazing women from Google, Kickstarter, Pinterest, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Twilio, and many other impressive companies have added their names, from software engineers to CMOs.

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