#GAReads | The Importance Of Male Voices In The Gender Equity Narrative


"The Importance Of Male Voices In The Gender Equity Narrative":

Economists estimate that we are 217 years away from full gender equality. Despite women making up 51% of the U.S. population and 46% of the labor force in the U.S.,94% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are male (and the percentage increases to 95% if expanded to the Fortune 1000). Men comprise 92% of partners in venture capital firms, 76% of parliamentary leaders worldwide, and 81% of members of the United States Congress.

At the same time, there is mounting evidence of the clear economic benefits of gender equity in the workplace. Companies in the top quartile in gender diversity outperform bottom quartile by 15%. Every 1% increase in gender diversity translates into a 3% boost in sales and a 10% increase in gender diversity results in a 3.5% increase in earnings.

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