#GAReads | I'm Not Quoting Enough Women

Thanks for the mention in The New York Times, David Leonhardt!


"I'm Not Quoting Enough Women":

Think of it this way: There is abundant evidence of sexism in our society. Women pay huge career penalties for having children. Women are more likely to be interrupted. They are more likely to endure hateful attacks on social media. Some research has found that women are less likely to be hired than similarly qualified men. Other research has found that women are more likely to be called “bossy” and men more likely to be called “brilliant.” When men and women collaborate on a project, the men often receive more public acclaim, like having their names mentioned first. The list goes on and on.
“It’s not that the cream has risen to the top and the cream is 100 percent male or 80 percent male,” Susan Hennessey, a national-security expert who organized the Brookings list, told me. “We’re failing to capture talent that exists.”

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