#GAReads | How being underestimated made these women more successful

photo credit:  Amy Shamblen , via  Unsplash

photo credit: Amy Shamblen, via Unsplash

How being underestimated made these women more successful”:

Gender bias comes in many forms, and, unfortunately for women leaders, being underestimated because of their gender is often a common phenomenon.

“I absolutely think it’s a fixture [in our careers]. I think that we have a higher bar to get to the point where we are not underestimated, and even then we have to prove ourselves over and over and over again,” says Leslie Feinzaig, founder and CEO of the Female Founders Alliance, a group of high-growth startup founders and CEOs.

But, sometimes, being underestimated can be a powerful motivator. These successful women share their stories about how being underestimated helped them achieve more.

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