#GAReads | Gender pay gap: when does your company stop paying women in 2018?


"Gender pay gap: when does your company stop paying women in 2018?":

On April 5 last year, a quiet revolution began – and it started with numbers. In thousands of companies throughout the UK, senior human resources executives took a snapshot of their workforce payroll. 

Then began the painstaking process of working out the company’s gender pay gap – the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women across all roles – as well as any bonus gap and the percentage of men and women at the top, middle and bottom of the pay structure. 

On Wednesday the results of that mammoth enterprise will be laid bare. By midnight every company with over 250 employees – at least 9,000 of them but possibly several thousand more – will have to reveal their gender pay gap. For many it will be the first time the figure has been exposed, the first time they have had to focus on an issue likely to be of huge interest to their workforces.

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