#GAReads | Dude, you have an all-male conference. Time to make room for women.

photo credit: Moto "Club4AG" Miwa [ CC BY 2.0 ],  via Flickr  (cropped)

photo credit: Moto "Club4AG" Miwa [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr (cropped)

"Dude, you have an all-male conference. Time to make room for women.":

From the world of finance to the technology industry, men tend to hog the high-profile speaking gigs, dropping their wisdom on topics ranging from cryptocurrencies to gynecology.

Take tech's splashiest conference CES, where all the keynote addresses were given by men for the second straight year. So far RSA, the largest gathering of security professionals, has scheduled just one woman keynote speaker for its April gathering: anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky. And the North American Bitcoin Conference put just three women onstage out of more than 80 speakers (before receiving complaints, it had only booked one) and threw the official party at a Miami strip club.

The male-dominated tech industry isn't the only one dealing with the issue. It's a nationwide epidemic across industries, higher education and government.

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