#GAReads | Academic Science Rethinks All-Too-White 'Dude Walls' Of Honor

photo credit: KaurJmeb [ CC BY 1.0 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

photo credit: KaurJmeb [CC BY 1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Academic Science Rethinks All-Too-White 'Dude Walls' Of Honor”:

Vosshall says Maddow's remark, and the word "dude wall," crystallized something that had been bothering her for years. As she travels around the country to give lectures and attend conferences at scientific institutions, she constantly encounters lobbies, conference rooms, passageways, and lecture halls that are decorated with portraits of white men.

"It just sends the message, every day when you walk by it, that science consists of old white men," says Vosshall. "I think every institution needs to go out into the hallway and ask, 'What kind of message are we sending with these oil portraits and dusty old photographs?'"

She's now on a committee that's redesigning that wall of portraits at Rockefeller University, to add more diversity.

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