#GAReads | 4 Ways Women Can Break Barriers by Breaking the Rules


"4 Ways Women Can Break Barriers by Breaking the Rules":

…women striving for high-level success in male-dominated fields face daunting challenges. When we think of good managers, research suggests, we usually think of men. We tend to perceive men as more competent and commanding than women, which can lead women to encounter skepticism and backlash when they go for high-level positions in business. Men and women alike often accuse female leaders of being bossy, cold, bitchy, or aggressive — attributes at odds with the feminine stereotype of women as compassionate, warm, and submissive. Similarly, when men seem angry at work, they’re rewarded with more respect and authority, while women who seem angry tend to be viewed as incompetent and unworthy and are penalized.

Such experiences can damage women’s confidence. Psychologist Claude Steele has documented the phenomenon known as stereotype threat, or the tendency to “choke” and underperform due to fear of bias.

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