#GAReads | 33 boys. Zero girls.


"33 boys. Zero girls.":

“33 boys. Zero girls.”

Four words. That’s all it took to transform my 13 year old perspective on society. I was talking with my brother over dinner when he iterated this gender ratio in his undergraduate C++ coding class. I was beyond shocked. Those words were all the motivation I needed to spark a STEM revolution in my own community. That’s why I founded ThinkSTEAM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit aiming to bridge the gender gap in STEM fields. This year for Women’s History Month, I am excited to share my journey to becoming a youth leader supporting girls in STEM fields.

Until that dinner, I was surrounded by a bubble in which I was able to believe that all girls were encouraged and had opportunities to build a passion for STEM. These four words stabbed a needle into my bubble, exposing me to the harsh reality of the gender gap in STEM.

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