The GA Tally Is Ready for Conference Season. Are You?

It’s conference season and the GenderAvenger community has started counting all over the country at conferences and panels in every field imaginable. From Texas to California, from health conferences to the entertainment industry, the GA Tally’s new photo feature is giving us a glimpse into what gender balance, or imbalance, really looks like onstage.

One GenderAvenger reports an all-male panel from Philadelphia at the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance:


From Los Angeles, a GenderAvenger shouts out this Digital Entertainment World 2017 panel for phenomenal gender balance!


The Council on Foundations over in Dallas is having its fair share of balanced panels, and GA Tallies are giving them a burst of sun:

Just because it’s conference season doesn’t mean the rest of the GenderAvenger community took a day off. We have also heard from folks using the GA Tally in their everyday lives to ensure that women’s voices are heard in every kind of public arena. We have received tallies from GenderAvengers using front page stories, and others tracking radio shows, to demand improved gender balance.

All this to say, counting is powerful. Time and again we’ve seen organizers shocked to find that their own panels or organizations have failed to include women in any substantial way, all because they never actually took the time to count. Often, just pointing out the numbers can lead to real change. So what are you fighting for in your own communities? What are you counting? Let the GA Tally app connect you to an entire community that is just as passionate as you are about promoting women’s voices and that will continue to have your back and make some noise until we see results.

Ready to get involved? Download the GA Tally today.