We're Following Up: The Paley Center for Media Can Do Better, but Fast Company Is On Track

In August, we graded several upcoming conferences on the gender makeup of their speaker lists. Since two of those conferences are taking place this week, we are following up on their final speaker tallies.

The Fast Company Innovation Festival gets a thumbs up. They added more speakers, both men and women, but they added enough women to move them from approaching gender equality to meeting it.

While the Paley Center International Council Summit did make a slight improvement, it still has some problems with balance. Moving toward better gender balance is not nothing, but we’re hoping to be able to award them a gold star on next year’s report card.

We're following up: @paleycenter conference needs better balance, but @fastcompany is on track! #genderavenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/follow-up-paley-center-fast-company