Action Alert | EPIC Summit's Epic Speaker Promotion Fail

At first glance the full speaker list for the 2019 EPIC International Summit appears to be close to meeting the GenderAvenger 40% minimum for representation of women’s voices:


But take a look at what’s right below the fold on their website:


7 men and only 1 woman! So, even though women make up 34% of the total speaker list, they only represent 13% (that is, only one!) of those who are featured on the website! Clearly this group is being featured for a reason, and what this promo reveals is that their most prestigious speaker spots are dominated by men — which, as we know, is an epic fail.

There may be 13 women speaking at the 2019 EPIC International Summit, but only 1 of them was considered worthy of being “featured”. First impressions count, and this isn’t a good one. #GenderAvenger