Endless GA Tally Opportunities Every Day: What Change Will You Create?

I’m in downtown San Francisco when I see it plastered across a vestibule at the mall: an ad for the upcoming Chicago Gourmet event, hosted by Bon Appétit, featuring an all male lineup of headliners. As a longtime Bon Appétit subscriber and fan, this one really stung. 

Bon Appetit at Chicago Gourmet

Bon Appetit at Chicago Gourmet

I pulled out my phone and used the GA Tally, creating a pie chart that broke down the gender ratio, and I shared it on Twitter and Facebook. Even though the news was bad, I had to laugh, because I spotted this Hall of Shame moment as I was walking home from a meeting about how to use the GA Tally "out in the world."

I use the GA Tally every day for my work at GenderAvenger, and I don’t just use it to tackle conferences and panels. GA Tally opportunities pop up everywhere, and they’re not all bad news. It’s fun to use the tally to celebrate gender-balanced lineups, lists, and more. I’m thrilled when I enter the numbers and that little smiling star pops up over the pie chart to let me know it’s a Hall of Fame-r.    

What will you create?

It’s simple. Download the free app for iTunes or Android, or use it on desktop, and type the number of men and women into the tally. Hit "Chart It" to create a pie chart that you can instantly share on Facebook and Twitter.

Use the GA Tally anywhere and everywhere:

  • You read an article with a roundtable of experts and you notice there are nearly no women featured.
  • An email hits your inbox with a calendar of the next month of shows at your favorite venue. How many of the bands include women?
  • Getting excited for the Emmy Awards this month? Enter nominee numbers into the GA Tally using the hashtag "#Emmys".
  • You open your phone and notice that the last 10 episodes of your favorite podcast included an even 50/50 breakdown of men and women guests.
  • Your local bookstore has a front table chock full of recommended books for the Fall. How many of them are by women authors?

Use the GA Tally for upcoming events. Using it early may cause change by the organizers.

From the moment you check out the lineup, register, or receive promotional materials, enter the numbers and share them far and wide on the conference hashtag.

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Try the GA Tally now on iTunes, Android, or desktop.

It’s free, easy, and powerful. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Share your tallies and thoughts with us in the comments section!