Does Variety Media Value Diversity? Only Time, and Your Action, Will Tell.

Speaking out and letting event organizers know change is needed is what makes the GenderAvenger community so strong. We recently called Variety out for its subpar gender balance at the Variety Entertainment & Technology Summit.

We also challenged Variety to fix its Tune In TV Summit, and, wow, did they. So much so that their current line up is eligible for the GenderAvenger Bronze Stamp of Approval.


That’s a big difference from the event we shared on April 25th:


Plus, Variety created a new event, Path to Parity, where they will release their annual Gender Equity Index in June. Creating an event focused on gender parity is a start. The event is almost all-women, including some very powerful and outspoken voices, who will talk about the Times Up movement and other important industry topics related to “eliminating gender bias in media and entertainment.” It would be even better if they would add more men to the stage to acknowledge shared responsibility.

We applaud Variety’s apparent new awareness of the value and necessity of strong gender balance at their sponsored events. Now we want to see this trend continue whether the event is specific to women or not. Events from the past year show a lack of consistent planning around important topics that impact men AND women. Events like its Sports and Entertainment Summit and Entertainment Summit at CES seriously lacked diversity.

If Variety curated inclusively even for events that aren’t specifically targeted at diversity issues, their value of diversity would have more practical impact. For a company immersed in the entertainment industry, its topics interest and affect both men and women. GenderAvenger believes ALL events should strive toward inclusivity.

It takes vigilance and community awareness to make that happen. We already see our work growing. Daily, Avengers across the country and even around the world tweet to us about manels (all-male panels) and events that do not offer women a voice.

Together, we really can make change happen.

GenderAvenger is paying attention, because Variety needs consistency in its events. That can’t happen without you, a reader and member of the GenderAvenger community. We hope to rally each and every one of us to spread the word. It is going to take action from all of us to make this happen. Let's do it!

1. Share this article.

This step is easy. Take this link — — and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and whatever additional social media channels you like to use.  Here’s some copy you can use:


Keep a close watch on @Variety! @GenderAvenger needs all of us to let the entertainment industry leader know we expect diverse voices at ALL of its events, not just ones that focus on women. #GenderAvenger


2. Call on to your friends and family to raise awareness with you.

Share this image with this post's link in the message to get the word out.


3. Make sure you're watching Variety's events page.

We’re keeping an eye on upcoming events. If a new one is added to the roster, we all need to pay attention and call out our concerns.

The next two Variety events include women’s voices, but GenderAvenger is keeping an eye on the future. We're excited to have you join us in holding this entertainment industry leader responsible for including women's voices at all future events.

All of this is possible because of the GenderAvenger community. When we stay alert and collaborate, change happens.