Discover the New 2017 GA Tally App: Count and Share for Social Change

At the core of our mission at GenderAvenger is the power of one simple gesture: the count. We believe that keeping track of how women are represented (or not) in the public sphere creates awareness and becomes a powerful visual for change.

The GA Tally app lets you record and share the gender (im)balance you see every day. Whether it’s on TV, as an audience member at a conference, or on a magazine cover, the GA Tally makes it easy to hold decision-makers accountable: you just type in the number of men, number of women, and relevant hashtags (if any), and the GA Tally will do the rest. You can rally around or condemn what you’re seeing while connecting with your friends and social media networks to amplify your message, all in under a minute.

With the GA Tally app, you join other GenderAvengers who call out the underrepresentation of women all over the world, and with the new design it’s even easier to join in.

You Wanted Pictures, and We Listened!

There is nothing quite like a picture to demonstrate just how ridiculous an all-male panel — or mostly male panel — really is. Now you can incorporate your own images taken right from your smartphone in just one click! Or you can simply choose "CHART", and a pie chart will instantly appear as your visual. There’s no need to worry about formatting, because the app formats your image or pie chart with all the information you enter about the event and gender ratio and emblazons it with the GenderAvenger logo and the sunny stamp of approval or thundercloud of disapproval all in one step.

Email Your Friends

You can now email your tallies to your friends and colleagues, all while in the GA Tally app! We’ve introduced this option alongside social media sharing for those of you who want to get the gender balance message out to particular people, or even call out the organizers of an event directly with a visual from the event.

Sleek New Design

GenderAvenger is more than just a catchy name, it’s an attitude. A superhero attitude, actually. And now, the GA Tally reflects that. We’ve worked with a great team of designers and developers to bring the GA Tally into 2017 with a bolder color palette, a more in-depth user experience, and an even braver design to help you get the attention of whatever you’re calling out in your community.

We’re excited to unveil this new version of the GA Tally, and we can’t wait to see how you use it! If you already use the GA Tally app, watch for the update notice to get started anew. If you’re a new GenderAvenger, be sure to download the GA Tally today and get started. Together we can ensure women are always part of the public dialog… because women’s voices count.