Action Alert | No Bright Spot for the Brightcove PLAY 2019 Conference

Oh tech industry, why can’t you get this right? Women are part of your industry, women know what they’re talking about, and women belong on conference stages! The Brightcove PLAY 2019 conference promises to teach attendees how to use online video in their marketing efforts but sticks to the tired tech industry standard of having too many men leading the discussion. Only 20% of the speaker list is women. This means that 80% of the ideas and strategies attendees hear about will be from men, which means 80% of the conference takeaways will have a “manly” spin, which means 80% of the brand marketing that comes out of the conference will be focused on men as well.

It’s obvious @Brightcove needs to add more women to the #BrightcovePLAY stage, because when 80% of the experts sharing marketing strategies are men, women’s expertise isn’t in the spotlight where it belongs. #GenderAvenger