Avengers of the Week | Women's Power Gap in Higher Education GA Pledge Signers

After learning about GenderAvenger and the GA Pledge at a recent EOS Foundation discussion about the Women's Power Gap in Higher Education report, a number of participants hopped online and pledged not to serve as panelists at a public conference when there are no women on the panel. For their inspirational drive and support, Salem State University President John Keenan, Commonwealth Corporation President and CEO Dr. J.D. LaRock, and O'Neill and Associates Senior Vice President Hugh Drummond are our Avengers of the Week.

John Keenan’s reason for signing was simple: it’s a “great idea and [the] right thing to do.”

We’re glad to have all three of these Avengers on board.

Have you signed the pledge? Know someone who should? What are you waiting for?

Our #AvengersOfTheWeek @SalemStatePres John Keenan, @CommCorp_MA President & CEO @JDLaRock and @ONeillandAssoc SVP Hugh Drummond were up to the challenge and signed the @GenderAvenger pledge. Have you? #genderavenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avengers-of-the-week-womens-power-gap-in-higher-education-ga-pledge-signers