Avengers of the Week | Jordan Reeves of Project Unicorn and Dr. Kate Caldwell

Two Avengers for the price of one this week! They are both rock stars in the disability space and are totally deserving of recognition.

First up, co-founder of Born Just Right Jordan Reeves is now a 13-year-old who took the STEM world by storm through her initiative Project Unicorn and a prosthetic limb that shoots glitter! Now Jordan and her mom have written a book about their journey to help spread Jordan’s mission to change attitudes around limb differences. Full disclosure: we got to know the amazing Jordan while her mom, Jen, was running GenderAvenger's social media feeds, and we discovered Jordan's very own, very special Avengerhood!

Our second Avenger was submitted by blog author Dana Marlowe for work on closing the gender gap in disability research.

Dr. Kate Caldwell, a nationally recognized expert in the field of disability and entrepreneurship, has worked to raise the voices of women and women of color with disabilities. Recognizing that disability research focuses primarily on white men with physical disabilities, Dr. Caldwell has worked as part of a women-led interdisciplinary research team at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This team's research, conducted primarily with women and women of color participants, led to the first evidence-based comprehensive education and training program for entrepreneurs with disabilities, the CEED Project.

She also partnered with Emily Ladau of Words I Wheel By to create the Original Disability Holiday Gift Guide, which features disabled-owned businesses so that folks can support women entrepreneurs with disabilities.

#AvengersOfTheWeek and rockstars @cycleberry and @jordanjustright are changing perceptions one job and one glitter cannon at a time. #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avengers-of-the-week-jordan-reeves-project-unicorn-dr-kate-caldwell