Avengers of the Week | Former Olympic rower Ginny Gilder and former Microsoft executives Dawn Trudeau and Lisa Brummel

The owners behind the WNBA’s Seattle Storm are on a mission. Ginny Gilder, Dawn Trudeau, and Lisa Brummel have married their enthusiasm for women’s sports with a passion for equal rights and a desire to support their surrounding community. Gilder said, “I don’t think you can be a part of women’s pro sports, or even women’s college sports at this point, and not realize, if you’re at all awake, that you’re on the front lines of trying to generate access to opportunity.”

Seattle Storm

Their conviction is evident. The Seattle Storm is the first professional sports team to publicly support Planned Parenthood by hosting an incredibly successful pre-game rally, despite warnings that it was a risky move.

Big thanks to Avenger Anne Kroeker for sharing this story with us. We hope more sports teams will be inspired by Gilder, Trudeau, and Brummel. We certainly are!

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