Avengers of the Week | GA Pledge Signers

Three cheers for Armored Things co-founder and CEO Charles Curran and Emory Women’s Heart Center Director Dr. Gina Lundberg for taking the GA Pledge!

“Armored Things is a believer in and proud promoter of gender equity,” says Curran, which is why he signed the Pledge, and Dr. Lundberg pledged not to sit on all-male panels in order to “end discrimination against women & promote diversity”.

Thanks to you both for becoming part of the GenderAvenger community.

Welcome #AvengersOfTheWeek @CharlesSpeaks_  and @gina_lundberg to the @GenderAvenger community. They both signed the #GAPledge vowing to say no to #manels. #genderavenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avengers-of-the-week-ga-pledge-signers