Avengers of the Week: Deena Baikowitz, Brad Jakeman, and Leslie Berland

A note about our Avenger of the Week series. Moving forward, this section will highlight members of the GenderAvenger community who are going above and beyond calling out conferences, earning Stamps of Approval, signing the GA Pledge, or just overall fighting for gender parity in their field. Know someone who qualifies? Let us know, and they may be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

This week’s Avengers of the Week are:

Deena Baikowitz (@fireballdeena)

We love the super direct approach Deena Baikowitz took when calling out CAPRE’s Fourth Annual Newark Cre Summit. There are no excuses for a speaker list with only 11% women.

Brad Jakeman (@BradJakeman) and Leslie Berland (@leslieberland)

As we announced in this week’s Action Alert, ‘tis the season for keeping tabs on CES, and Brad and Leslie are doing just that. With their help, we didn’t let CES get away with an all-male keynote lineup this year, and the same holds true for 2019.

Members of the @GenderAvenger community are out doing good in the world. That’s what makes @fireballdeena, @BradJakeman, and @leslieberland the Avengers of the Week. #avengeroftheweek #genderavenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avengers-of-the-week-deena-baikowitz-brad-jakeman-leslie-berland