Avengers of the Week | Australians

A note about our Avenger of the Week series. Moving forward, this section will highlight members of the GenderAvenger community who are going above and beyond calling out conferences, earning Stamps of Approval, signing the GA Pledge, or just overall fighting for gender parity in their field. Know someone who qualifies? Let us know, and they may be featured in an upcoming newsletter.


This week’s Avengers of the Week are the Australians.

We have to take this moment to celebrate Australian GenderAvengers. Way back in 2015 the Executive Director of the Women's Leadership Institute Australia wrote to let us know how we inspired their Male Champions of Change. Ever since, we’ve received lots of tallies, tweets, and fist bumps from Australia. When we recently had a flurry of Australian GA Pledge-signers, we knew it was time to show them some love!

Avengers in Australia have been supportive of @GenderAvenger for years, and it’s time to recognize that. Congrats Australians for being named our #avengeroftheweek! #genderavenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avengers-of-the-week-australians