Avenger of the Week | Yusuf Omar, Mobile Journalist

When Yusuf Omar was asked to speak at a conference about creating documentaries on a mobile phone, he accepted, but he didn’t end up talking about his own work. What he did talk about was the work being done by 11 other mobile journalists around the world, all of whom are women. Omar chose to use his time to highlight women colleagues rather than himself because the panel he was asked to speak on was all men. In fact, it was the second all-male panel he was on in as many conferences, so rather than simply give up his spot he used his time to show the event organizers the error of their ways.


This film festival event is 80% white. 💯 % Male. Here’s 11 women in mobile storytelling you should know. #IDFA

Posted by Yusuf Omar on Tuesday, 21 November 2017

After being invited to speak on two #manels in a row, Avenger of the Week @YusufOmarSA took matters into his own hands to include women colleagues in a massive way. #IDFA #genderavenger https://www.facebook.com/journalisminaction/videos/1563110047082610/