Avenger of the Week | Lillian Stritzler, GenderAvenger Founder Gina's Mother

Lillian Stritzler

In honor of Gina’s birthday week, we asked her to choose her personal Avenger of the Week, someone whom she admires and who has inspired her along the way. Gina chose her mother, Lillian Stritzler.

Gina: “Everyone has a personal Avenger in their lives. Mine was my mother.  She lived within the strictures of the 1950s, however, she made sure I didn't think there were any boundaries for expressing her values and ambition, which ultimately became mine. She wouldn't let me attend any high school social function if the African-American students weren't invited; she kept me out of school on Jewish holidays out of religious belief and pride in her religion; she protested very loudly when my sixth grade social studies teacher wouldn't let me read a book by blacklisted author Howard Fast; she made me read Susan Faludi; and, she taught me to do the NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle in ink. I miss her.”

When asked to choose her own personal #AvengerOfTheWeek, @Glantzings chose her mother, who would not stand for racial or religious discrimination and had the tenacity to do the @NYTimes Crossword in ink. #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avenger-of-the-week-lillian-stritzler