Avenger of the Week | The International Swimming League

The newly-formed International Swimming League (ISL) is making waves with its debut as the first gender-balanced professional sports league. ISL teams consist of 24 swimmers, 12 men and 12 women, who are all within the same league and are not separated by gender like the NBA, for example. In addition to gender-equal teams, the US-based teams boast gender-equal leadership, with two of the four teams lead by General Managers who are women. We applaud the ISL for this historic achievement and hope other professional sports organizations follow suit.

The newly-formed @SwimISL is the first gender-balanced professional sports league in existence: 12 men and 12 women on each team, and half of the team GMs are women. Congratulations on this historic achievement! #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avenger-of-the-week-international-swimming-league