Avengers of the Week | The Fin-tastic Fish LEGO Robotics Team

photo credit:  Inês Pimentel , via  Unsplash  (cropped)

photo credit: Inês Pimentel, via Unsplash (cropped)

Decked out in pink shirts and giant pink hair bows, this group of girls is improving the lives of women in third world countries one LEGO® brick at a time. Participating in the For Inspiration and Innovation in Science and Technology (FIRST) competition, this all-girl robotics team did extensive research on “how girls in developing countries might use micro-hydroelectric water power to improve their quality of life.”

“We wanted to discover how we could actually help girls like us have equal access to water and education. We all agreed just because you’re a girl should not mean you should be prevented from getting an education.”

The team figured out how to program a robot that, when placed in a small stream, uses the water current to recharge batteries and small LED lights enabling them to have better light sources than candles/open flames.

Conference organizers take note. These girls are the future of tech.

The Fin-tastic Fish, a @LEGO_group @firstweets Team is using girl power (and maybe a little water power) to make sure girls everywhere get the education they deserve. #genderavenger #avengeroftheweek https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avenger-of-the-week-fin-tastic-fish-lego-robotics-team