Avenger of the Week | Emma Loop, Capitol Hill Reporter for BuzzFeed News

We chose Emma Loop, Capitol Hill reporter at BuzzFeed News, as our Avenger of the Week because she stands up for herself, plain and simple. When New York Times reporter Adam Goldman gave kudos to Emma’s two male colleagues for a collaborative article they all worked on together, she publicly called it out.


He later apologized, calling Loop “amazing” and tweeting again using all three names, but first impressions count and Goldman didn’t make a very good one.

Three cheers for #AvengerOfTheWeek @LoopEmma for standing up to make sure her contribution was noted. First impressions count, and @adamgoldmanNYT made a bad one when he left her out. #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avenger-of-the-week-emma-loop