Avenger of the Week | Elena Rossini

photo credit: 1938superaltissa [ CC BY-SA 4.0 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

photo credit: 1938superaltissa [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We asked and you answered! This week’s Avenger of the Week was submitted by Rose Horowitz, the woman responsible for #WomenToFollow and member of the GenderAvenger community.

Elena Rossini is a film director most known for her documentary, The Illusionists, a film about the world’s unattainable beauty standards, but, beyond making important films, Rossini is also an unstoppable advocate for women and young girls. In 2017, she started #ThisIsWhataFilmDirectorLooksLike, a Twitter campaign to populate the search site GIPHY with images of women cinematographers, and she is the founder of No Country for Young Women, a website that features positive role models for young girls.

Thanks for introducing us to Elena, Rose!

Filmmaker, producer, director, and role model for young girls, plus she’s a Twitter campaign starter? @GenderAvenger’s #AvengerOfTheWeek @_elena can do it all! #genderavenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avenger-of-the-week-elena-rossini