Avenger of the Week | Amaad Rivera

A note about our Avenger of the Week series. Moving forward, this section will highlight members of the GenderAvenger community who are going above and beyond calling out conferences, earning Stamps of Approval, signing the GA Pledge, or fighting for gender parity in their field. Know someone who qualifies? Let us know, and they may be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

This week’s Avenger of the Week is GA Pledge-signer Amaad Rivera. A candidate for MA State Senate, Rivera’s reason for signing is poignant and true:

As the son of a working class single mother, I watched first hand how women’s voices on issues were silenced and ignored. I want to ensure that does not happen to another woman or family again. We need leaders who want to lift up our voices not keep them quiet.

“We need leaders who want to lift up our voices, not keep them quiet.” —candidate for Mass. State Senate @amaadair’s reason for signing the @GenderAvenger Pledge. #avengeroftheweek #genderavenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/avenger-of-the-week-amaad-rivera