Action Alert | Adweek Creative 100 List Is Good Enough for a GA Bronze Stamp of Approval

Adweek Creative 100 List 2018
Adweek's Creative 100 list

In addition to keeping tabs on conferences, we also have an eye on “best of” lists. These are just as important as being on stage, because placement on a list put out by a major publication gives women who are leaders in their field the recognition they deserve. We were pleased to see that the breakdown of the Adweek's Creative 100 list is 58% men, 42% women, 33% of whom are women of color, and 1 non-binary person, which earns them a Bronze Stamp of Approval. When 50% of the population is included as almost 50% of a list of people doing “today’s most innovative work”, something good is happening.

42% of the people on @Adweek’s Creative 100 List are women, and @GenderAvenger applauds Adweek for recognizing them and their innovative work. #genderavenger