📣🚨 GenderAvenger Action Alerts Are Now In Real Time!

Each Wednesday, the Action Alert newsletter lands in your inbox so our GenderAvenger community can leap into action. Whether you joined us to call out a conference with poor gender balance or congratulated a Stamp of Approval winner, we’ve facilitated change together.

📣🚨 When you see the megaphone and red light from us, it’s time for action.

Sometimes waiting for Wednesday makes taking action against something obsolete, so now we’re going to send GenderAvenger Action Alerts in real time, no matter the day. We promise not to bombard you with emails every day, but when we see something that warrants immediate action from our community, we’ll ping you via email and social media in real time with 📣🚨 in our message. No more waiting around! We’re going to hit the ground running.

We want your help, too. If you see something you think the GenderAvenger community needs to act on, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn or via email at actionalert@genderavenger.com.

📣🚨 Why wait for a Wednesday newsletter when gender imbalance happens every day? @GenderAvenger Action Alerts are coming to an inbox near you in real time so we can hit the ground running. Join us. Be the change. #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/action-alerts-now-in-real-time