Action Alert | Keillor's Back, and Writer's Almanac Still Underrepresents Women

Avenger Kathleen Schatzberg keeps us up to date on the status of Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac, and her tallies from this week indicate that improvement is possible.


While her tally from May 26 shows a gender imbalance, her tally from May 28 indicates that balance should not be hard to achieve. We went back and looked at the month thus far (May 1–May 28) and 63% of the people featured were men, and only 37% were women.

Here’s hoping the slow creep toward equality continues in June and by the end of the year we're awarding Writer's Almanac a GA Stamp of Approval.

Avenger @kschatzb tallied Writer's Almanac now that @g_keillor’s back in the picture, and the representation of women is still too low, but it's improving. Here’s hoping the slow creep toward equality continues. #GenderAvenger