Action Alert | Women Are Part of Policy Conversation At CTA's Innovation Policy Day

We continue to watch the Consumer Technology Association, producers of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and we find that the speaker lineups for Innovation Policy Days have been consistently well-balanced:

IPD 2016: 7 women, 9 men
IPD 2017: 7 women, 9 men
IPD 2018: 9 women, 11 men

These summits at SXSW each year are meant to “discuss policies that impact the emerging and disruptive technologies changing the way we live and work.” We know that if women aren’t at the table discussing policy, the status quo will remain. So, if they can do it consistently at IPD, why can’t they do it at all their other events (cough, CES, cough)? When the speaker lists are released for upcoming events, we sure hope they look a lot like these.

Speaker lineups at @CTATech’s Innovation Policy Days are consistently balanced, so why can’t they do it at all their events? #genderavenger #CTAaustin