Action Alert | TechCrunch's Disrupt San Francisco is "This Close" to Gender Balance

Just go to and search “TechCrunch” and you’ll see that their Disrupt conferences have been both on and off the naughty or nice lists over the years — they sometimes get diversity numbers right, and sometimes they get them very wrong.

This year’s San Francisco Disrupt conference is teetering somewhere right in the middle. While the speaker lineup does consist of 63% men and 37% women (23% of whom are women of color), there is still plenty of room, and time, for improvement. Let's encourage them to get over that hump and earn a GA Stamp of Approval.

There is still plenty of room, and time, for improvement of your #DisruptSF speaker lineup, @TechCrunch. @GenderAvenger is watching, and waiting, to award you a stamp of approval when, or if, that happens. #genderavenger