Action Alert | Social Media Week NYC Gets SO Close to Getting It Right

New York weather may have been dreary as of late, but the sun will be shining bright at Social Media Week NYC next week. Looking strictly at the breakdown of women speaking vs men, they’re nailing it in all categories.

Headline Speakers

4 men (50%) / 4 women (50%)  

Featured Speakers

12 men (50%) / 12 women (50%)

All the Speakers

112 men (58%) / 80 women (42%)

GenderAvenger has developed a more inclusive GA Tally app, one that also shows the percentage of women of color. Social Media Week has strong speaker gender balance, but it needs more women of color to be able to display a GA Stamp of Approval. While women of color do represent 33% of the featured women speakers at Social Media Week New York, they are only 23% of all the women speakers, and, sadly, there are no headline speakers who are women of color.


We know that it is critical for the voices of women from diverse backgrounds to be heard. Given the clear effort to achieve gender parity among their speakers, we’re confident the organizers of Social Media Week NYC would agree and that more women of color will be on its list in the future.

The number of women speaking at @smwnyc is looking great, but the new GA Tally shows that women of color are underrepresented. #SMWNYC is on the right track but not quite there yet. #GenderAvenger