Action Alert | ProjectCon Has a Well-Balanced Speaker List But Man-Heavy Promos

Something struck us as strange about the promotions for ProjectCon, a project and product management conference. They make ProjectCon look like just another “manference”, but when you dig deeper, you see that the gender balance of their speaker list is actually quite good. 59% men and 41% women, 17% of whom are women of color, is something to be proud of, not hide. Usually conference planners use their promotions to hide the fact that they don’t have enough women, not the other way around. True gender diversity is when women and men share the stage, and the spotlight, equally. Why do they think men are worth more promotion than women?

Looking at the promos for #ProjectCon, you’d think it was just another #manference, but hiding behind all those dudes is a well-balanced speaker list. Why aren't you promoting the women, too, @ProjectConEvent? #GenderAvenger