Action Alert | PINC Says Women Can't Speak Because They Need to Get Their Hair Done

Check out this Twitter thread:


When Iain Couzin, Director of the Department of Collective Behavior, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology & Chair of Biodiversity and Collective Behavior at the University of Konstanz checked the agenda for the PINC.19 conference he was about to speak at, he was appalled that no women were slated to speak. He immediately reached out to the organizers to potentially cancel his appearance, but Couzin was assured that there were women participating and their performances would be just as long as the men’s. However, upon arriving at the conference he learned that all 15 speakers were indeed men and was told that the women speakers “needed to get their hair done”, which makes it more difficult for them to do quick appearances. We do have to admit, that’s one excuse we haven’t heard before.

Kudos to Couzin for calling PINC.19 out and not backing down, even after they told him he was “making it awkward” for himself by taking to Twitter and could have written a letter instead.

Including no women speakers is bad enough, but then lying about it and saying it was because they needed to get their hair done? Shame on you #PINC. H/T @icouzin #genderavenger