Action Alert | The Bad: Oral Roberts University’s 2019 Media Summit Speaker List Has Far Too Many Men

Every few months, a member of the GenderAvenger community asks us to look into a church conference or religious organization, so, when we happened upon the 2019 Media Summit at Oral Roberts University, we knew we had to check out the speaker list. Welp. We kind of wish we didn’t. What we found was a grossly imbalanced list of 20 men and 3 women, none of whom are women of color.


The event organizers claim the summit offers “something for everybody looking to take their media to the next level.” That is, unless you’re a woman, of course. Then you should probably just stay home.

There is no excuse for a speaker list with only 3 women and 20 men. We’re looking at you, @OralRobertsU 2019 Media Summit. Your speaker list is unbalanced. You need to and can do better. #GenderAvenger