Action Alert | MIT Fintech Conference Acts Like Women Are Only a Minor Part of Its Future

GenderAvenger Shereen (@shrcubed) is proud to be an MIT Sloan School of Management alumnus, but she isn’t so keen on the list of keynote speakers at their upcoming MIT Fintech Conference.


The MIT Fintech Conference is a student-run financial technology conference where “a world-class slate of keynote speakers and panelists will discuss the latest trends and innovations shaping the fintech industry” and attendees are encouraged to imagine “What is the next generation of Fintech?” Shereen notes that the keynote speeches will all be delivered by men, and we can’t help but notice that, even though women are a part of the other panels, they only make up 26% of the total speaker list.

Once again we’re left wondering how a conference meant to highlight the future of an industry, especially one run by students, can be so mancentric.

Only 26% of the speakers at the 2019 @mitfintech conference are women, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that’s not enough if women are truly a part of fintech’s future. cc @shrcubed #MITFintech #fintech #GenderAvenger