Action Alert | MassTLC Does the Right Thing

When Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC), “the largest and most powerful technology association in New England” announced the list of finalists for their annual Mass Tech Leadership Awards last week, many of you, along with GenderAvenger Massachusetts, called them out for the number of women on that list… which was zero, btw.

All of this social media activity was topped off by a great oped in the Boston Globe written by a group of area leaders, organized by Diane Hessan, Chairman of C Space. One day later, MassTLC apologized for the “lack of diversity in the individual leadership categories of [their] annual awards program” and, better yet, announced that it was reopening the nominations for the awards.


So, GenderAvengers, let’s give credit where credit is due. Congratulate Diane Hessan and area tech leaders for calling MassTLC’s excuses, and laud MassTLC on their no-excuses apology and swift action. Change like this is good for everyone, no matter which field they work in.

Bravo to @MassTLC for their no excuses apology and swift action; they reopened their awards nominations due to lack of women nominees. Way to “be the change”! #genderavenger Nominate here: