Action Alert | LAUNCH Festival Earns a Silver GA Stamp of Approval

Our relationship with LAUNCH Festival goes way back to 2015. We got founder Jason Calacanis’s attention when we tweeted a GA Tally that showed the poor representation of women on stage. Eventually things got better when, in 2017, LAUNCH Festival turned things around with a speaker list made up of 40% women. We decided to take a look at their 2019 speaker list, and we’re delighted that they achieved a gender balance worthy of a Silver GA Stamp of Approval! The LAUNCH Festival Sydney 2019 speaker list features 59% men and 41% women, which earns them the Silver GA Stamp of Approval, because 43% of the women are women of color.

We are glad to see Jason Calacanis is sticking to his word to us and his daughter by providing a place on stage for men and women alike.

The failure-to-success story of @LAUNCH ends happily ever after with a Silver #GenderAvenger Stamp of Approval and mutual respect between founder @Jason and @GenderAvenger founder @glantzings.