Action Alert | Keep the GenderAvenger Pledges Coming!

We met our goal of 30 signers in just 5 days — but don’t stop now! We’d love to see 30 more by September 1st!

One new signer, Richard Robinson (@LondonRobinson), said he signed the Pledge because he’s…

…refused to sit on non-diverse panels for several years, always offering female speakers as an alternative. Every man needs to be supporting you in words and action. Separately, I've been named a 'Male Agent of Change' by the Women's Business Council & Management Today in the UK. Coupled with this I'm on the Board of Creative Equals & a SuperMomma for SheSays UK — so I'm right with you.

Now he’s rallying his followers to do the same.

Join @LondonRobinson & take the #GenderAvenger Pledge to say no to #manels. #allmalepanels